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Blogger Review: Cindy Gordon Vegetarian Food Blogger with GF Fridays

Know your own body.  I am not the food police; I am not here to judge.  We try to create them so they will work for yours.  We used to eat meat so many of our recipes can be easily adapted.  Throw in some chicken, etc! If you see a vegan recipe, know that I have […]

Inspiration: Rethinking Your Health Plan?

My Wellness Care Plan: Month One: Time to Rethink Your Wellness Plan Have you ever remodeled a room in your house, or your house for that matter? Once you captured the vision of the changes you wanted to make, did you close your eyes and upon immediately opening them, did you actually see that vision right […]

nutter butter smoothies

afternoon snacks are a must in the phillips household. one of our favorites is the nutter butter shake! the kids and i love this shake and make it about once a week {we have other favs, coming posts}. i have used actual almonds in the past, but the kids could not get past the bits […]