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Claudine Phillips is a registered dietitian and exercise physiologist. Her experience as the Director of Nutrition at the world renowned Cooper Fitness Center in Dallas, Texas brings expertise to the health and fitness industry. Claudine is the creator of the RiteBites Weight Management Program that couples healthy eating and fitness as a partnership to living a healthy lifestyle. Her background as a registered dietitian, exercise physiologist, fitness instructor, personal trainer, marathoner, triathlete, and director is a winning combination in the health and fitness world. Having discovered that she has many food allergies in her adulthood, Claudine knows first hand what eating gluten free is about, which leads to the inspiration of this site. It brings joy to her to share her latest recipes and health tips with her loyal readers as well as her newbies!

Claudine resides in California with her husband, 2 sons, and daughter ‘Greenbean’ whom is this blog’s namesake.¬†‘Greenbean’ was diagnosed with celiac disease at the age of seven. To inspire her to embrace this diagnosis and not view it as a set back, Claudine includes her in the recipe planning and implementation. You will hear Claudine say {Italian through and through}, “Life could not get any better than cooking in the kitchen with the ones you love.”

Please feel free to contact Claudine if you have any comments or questions relation to nutrition or media inquires.








Claudine Phillips MS RD

dietitian, exercise physiologist, blogger, speaker, wife, mom, friend (order changes daily), always daughter of the King

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