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Recipe: Italian Easter Bread

We all have our family traditions, when it comes to the holidays, and they notoriously  revolve around food. Easter is my most favorite holiday of the year. Not only do I get to celebrate my Savior’s Resurrection, BUT, I get to celebrate the making and EATING of my mouth watering Italian Easter Bread! As you […]

Recipe: Gluten Free pancakes

Pancakes. Just the word makes my mouth water. I simply LOVE hot pancakes for breakfast. Luckily, so does my family! Saturdays are our slow and easy, pajama wearing pancake kind of morning.  Saturday, how I love thee… {I see it, too. No syrup! What was I thinking, right? Please forgive my ‘sugary mishap’!} I have […]

Recipe: Quinoa, the super-grain, that’s not really a grain….

Upon our first weeks of living on the slopes of a small mountain town in Colorado, my family was invited over for elk sliders. Our new friend hunts elk for his meat rations for the year and he was eager to share his hunt with my ‘doe eyed’ family from the city. Elk can also be […]

Recipe: Breaking (gluten free) Bread Pamela’s and Zojirushi

Have you been meaning to do something for a long time, I mean a really long time? And when you finally get to it you have this huge sense of relief you can not explain?  I recently moved to colorado and finally opened the box that contained my BRAND NEW BREADMAKER! I’ll say it again, […]

Recipe: Diane’s Lentils and Rice

Here I go again, posting a recipe that is naturally gluten free, but i can’t help it. God provides amazing options to choose from that are easy to make and are naturally gluten free. I am thankful. Lentils and rice for dinner anyone? This recipe is probably my FAVORITE meal I make for the family. […]

Recipe: Split Pea Soup

I grew up eating this amazing soup and it was naturally gluten free! It was a quick and inexpensive meal for my single hard-working mom to put together for her three little hungry birds. It’s warm and nurturing elements, bring me sweet memories of sipping soup with my mom and two sisters {we all live […]

Recipe: Shrimp Cocktail

Greenbean loves her shrimp. Its the true cajun in her {mama was born in New Orleans}. It is a great gluten free, high protein snack that I surprise her with every once in a while. Greenbean was a very picky eater from birth basically. I would be picky too if I felt sick almost every […]

Recipe: Chocolate Chip and Walnut Muffin Bites

it was time to make our gluten-free whole grain muffins but wanted to make them with a twist this time. so i asked the expert, chef greenbean. “add chocolate chips mom and some walnuts!’ she says. awesome, let’s do it. and away we went. we made them mini this time. in they go. and out […]

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au gratin scalloped potatoes

although i live in colorado, i do love the south. it’s my home. when i moved up here, i immediately craved the creature comforts of the south, namely southern cooking. although there are some pretty interesting restraunts in my mountain community that offer their version of comfort food {the ‘Oh My Gawd’ dish is another […]