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Blogger Review: Laura Hanley Gluten Free Blogger

G-free love! My goal is to bring humor and positivity to our lifestyle. I am not the amazing chef with beautiful pictures of food, but I’m the down-to-earth 20 something that’s just trying to spread g-free love to all!   Laura Hanley with Gluten Free Laura I have been stocking this gluten free blogger since […]

Blogger Review: Rebecca Black Gluten Free Blogger

You can be happy, healthy and live gluten-free! Rebecca Black with Pretty Little Celiac Hold on to your sock bloggers, Rebecca is the real deal.  She claims she tells to much (TMI) but I find her authenticity very refreshing and appealing. This beautiful woman has alot to offer to the celiac community with gluten free […]

Blogger Review: Kelly Kurzhal Gluten Free Food Blogger

My mission is raising happy, healthy gluten-free kiddos!  Kelly Kurzhal with Raising Jack With Celiac Kelly is a hoot to know. Her dry sense of humor caught me by surprise when I met her at a recent gluten free expo. She knows what’s she’s doing in caring for my celiac son, Jack. I trust her […]

Blogger Review: Erica Dermer Gluten Free Blogger

  I guess our motto is “gluten free for life” – because that’s how our condition is – for life! You can’t outgrow celiac and you can’t cure it with a medication (yet). That’s why we have that on our hoodies, so we remember that we can never cheat, and we must embrace celiac disease […]

Blogger Review: Cindy Gordon Vegetarian Food Blogger with GF Fridays

Know your own body.  I am not the food police; I am not here to judge.  We try to create them so they will work for yours.  We used to eat meat so many of our recipes can be easily adapted.  Throw in some chicken, etc! If you see a vegan recipe, know that I have […]

Blogger Review: Pam Jordan Gluten Free Food Blogger

Living Gluten Free with Celiac Disease. As a working mom and a Celiac making good Gluten Free meals for my family can be hard.  I try to make easy and good meals that everyone in our house will eat.  My hope is that other families will enjoy the recipes too!       Pam Jordan with I’m […]

Blogger Review: Lauren Kossack Allergy Free Blogger

“Injecting Hope Into The World of Food Allergies & Beyond   I want to give other families hope that they to can live a normal, fun life with food allergies.  Once you accept it and learn how to manage the allergies, then you can live a fun, normal {well a new normal} life and enjoy all the foods […]

Blogger Review: Keeley McGuire Gluten Free Food Blogger

“Food can be fun for kids with food allergies.  It’s so true. Just because our kids have food allergies or an intolerance doesn’t mean they should feel left out. By making their food fun, they can feel special and be proud of their lunches. Who cares if they can’t eat the “mystery meat” from the cafeteria, […]

Celiac Awareness Month

In honor of Celiac Awareness Month you will be seeing my favorite allergy friendly food bloggers featured here on the blog. I can not express how excited I am to share these lovely women with you and I hope you start following them so you allergy friendly tool box can be that much more prepared. […]