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I love to travel. Traveling is as essential as food and drink is to me: it sustains me. I love to discover, experience adventure, play, and most of all, enjoy the world that God has created. It is in my DNA and I can not deny it.

With me, the adventure actually begins when I am no longer in “control” or “have a plan’ or “doing something within my box”. I have to push myself to get to “adventure-land” and never regret it. I chalk it up as experience if it goes bad and thank God for the adventure no matter how it turns out. 99% of the time, it turns out more than I expected!

This is how I had to approach A friend introduced it to me and I thought he was cray cray to stay at some strangers house or back house with or without the owners there. Curiousity got the best of me and I jumped into researching this form of lodging for our most recent trip. To my pleasant surprise, I found it appealing, and once again, an adventure I would have to jump out on faith and see how it unfolds. makes travel very doable for the budget as well as bringing another facet of adventure to the table. The website boats a unique experience you can get by not staying in conventional hotels. “From apartments and rooms to tree houses and boats: stay in unique spaces in 192 countries. “ As well as the opportunity to “Rent out your unused space so you could pay your bills or fund your next vacation.” I especially feel comforted knowing that there is a background check on those renting out and a system that verifies ID for the ones renting. I was able to review past renters opinions of not only the place they stayed, but the hosts.

We landed an amazing Victorian home in the heart of town the last time we used and basically had our own wing, including a gourmet kitchen, for under $100 a night. Not shabby!

Although I still like the hotel feel with breakfast delivered to my room and someone making my bed daily, I fell in love with the “staying with friends” feel brings.  I highly recommend and encourage you to take a look into accommodating your next trip this way. You will meet some great hosts along the way!

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