GFGB Travel: San Luis Obispo, California


I had the blessing to visit San Luis Obispo, California this June. It is such a sweet town and it is no mistake that we visited. The hubs and I have dreamed of living in California for over 15 years (since before we were married), and this was our scouting trip. It is half way between Los Angeles and San Fransisco, 3 hours either direction. Just far enough from the big busy city, just close enough for weekend getaways, and just small enough for a tight knit community for our family. Perfection.  I will let the pictures do most of the talking, but man, could I go on and on over coffee sometime of how I love this place so!

Our first night in “SLO”, as some of the locals call it, was spent at the local Farmers Market that is held every, yes every, Thursday night. The walk from our place to the market was beautiful! “Bouganvilla, Oh how I love thee!”


Local farmers and restaurant owners come out to sell their fair and boy did I take part in it! I literally ate my way through the market, with no regrets! The produce was the freshest I have ever eaten. The hubs and I found ourselves making those grunting sounds as we ate our nectarines and plums in the middle of the street, oblivious to those around us. This was heaven folks. There were plenty of gluten free options available and even even a gluten free cupcake vendor to boot! Woot!


As we interviewed schools, house hunted, and scouted out the towns around SLO, we snuck in some much needed beach time!

IMG_0418We could not believe how close Pismo Beach was from the main downtown strip of SLO, 10 minutes. It was a perfect “warm with a cool breeze” kind of day, and yes, we crashed for about an hour on the beach like a couple of beach bums! Did I say it was perfect? I hear there are some cool hidden beaches further down at Shell Beach that I can’t wait to check out with the whole family!




If you ever have a chance to visit Pismo Beach, we were recommended to stop by the Old West Cinnamon Roll Bakery.  Although not gluten free, I was able to enjoy watching my hubby make a fool of himself as he got lost in the pure extasy of this sugary confection. Seriously, more grunting sounds. I was a little jello, but never worth the consequences that follow if I were to partake. Glad he loved them and he highly recommends this “must stop” at Pismo Beach.


We also made a quick stop in Morro Bay. It exceeded my expectations. It was a a foggy day and I fell in love with its nostalgic draw. The textures, the colors, the shops, the food,….it was a delight. My favorite shop was The Garden Gallery. If you are a gardener, or a wanna be like me, you MUST stop by here. Tons of inspiration and beautiful gifts and plants. The store goes on and on. So lovely. I did not want to leave.

The hubs and I fell in love with the town Of San Luis Obispo in person as much as we had on paper and the internet and there is so much more we have not uncovered. It would be a blessing beyond measure to live in such a place. We are not relocating because of a job, but because of life. Nothing is perfect, that green grass grows where you water, and I pray this is where we are to water. We look forward to finding community and serving this community. We pray this is an adventure that God has in store for us and we are faithful to the end. We are scared for change. Who doesn’t move with a 3 week old? We are excited for change! We have lived in the same town and state for close to 40 years. Change is good. We are ready.

A year from now, you may have wished you started today. – Karen Lamb

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