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You are not alone in needing to change your diet, we are in this together. And we can all learn from each other. Hope can return to your kitchen.

Melanie Pitts with Hopes Kitchen

When you meet Melanie face to face she has a gentle soul and sweet spirit about her upon first impression, and I got to know her, her vast knowledge of the allergy free world impressed the socks off me! We clicked immediately and could talk for days! I look forward to getting to know her more and watch her amazing website grow and grow! She “feeds” it regularly with amazing recipes that may fit your allergy needs!

Name: Melanie Pitts
Web address:
Twitter: @hopes_kitchen
Facebook: hopeskitchenblog
Pinterest: Hopes Kitchen
Based out of: Minnesota

Are you personally gluten free? Celiac? Any other Allergies?
I have had asthma my whole life and as an adult became allergic to kiwi.

My oldest son, Noah, has asthma and is allergic to artificial food coloring/dyes.

My little girl, Anna, at 10 months old, had an anaphylactic reaction after eating her first teething biscuit and cheerios. Her tests showed that she was allergic to egg, wheat, rye, barley, peanuts, tree nuts and dairy (along with several other less severe ones). Anna’s identical twin sister, Josie doesn’t have any severe food allergies now. Thankfully, Anna and Josie outgrew their dairy allergies when they were about 3 years old. They both have asthma.

Last fall, I decided to go gluten free with Anna for a few reasons. I wanted a better understanding of what it was like for her. I had also heard so many claims about how wheat is different now than it was 50 years ago and how many people felt better going off of it, so out of curiosity I gave it a try and have been eating gluten free since then.

What drew you to the internet and inspired you to blogging world?
When Anna was first diagnosed, I felt totally stopped in my tracks. Our first doctor’s visit was basically to re-tell us that yes she has these allergies, don’t eat them and watch this epi-pen video. I was so discouraged! Her list of allergies was so long that I couldn’t even think of what she could eat. The learning curve felt long as I had difficulty finding recipes that fit her needs, worked and actually tasted good. I have spent a lot of time in my kitchen working on recipes that my family would enjoy. Thankfully, I love cooking and my kitchen is one of my happy places.

Every week, I was meeting people who dealt with food allergies or were gluten free. I wanted to help them, teach them how to read labels, how to re-write their favorite recipes, how to shop and how to eat safely. I wanted to give people back hope after discovering they needed to change their diet. My husband suggested I start a blog (to be honest, I didn’t even know what that was). With his help and the help of some good friends, Hope’s Kitchen, began in January 2012.

What is your favorite thing to blog about?
Where to start…I love writing about new recipes, especially traditional ones like bread, banana bread, brownies and pies. I love sweets! But my absolute favorite thing to blog about is life. My identical twin girls have a miraculous story that I love to share.

What is your “message”?
You are not alone in needing to change your diet, we are in this together. And we can all learn from each other. Hope can return to your kitchen.

What is your favorite gluten free indulgence? (Greenbean wanted to know)
Oh wow, that is a tough one. I am a foodie and can’t pick just one. Maybe you can help me out…Gluten Free Pizza, warm Cornbread Muffins with honey on top, Zucchini Brownies with fudge frosting or good old fashioned GF Rice Krispie Bars all with a really good cup of Dogwood Coffee. If you ever come to the Twin Cities and you love coffee, you need to go to The Dogwood Coffee Bar or Rustica (also Dogwood’s coffee). Can I give them a shout out?

Would you like to contribute a recipe?
I would love to share with you my Gluten Free Vegan Bread Recipe. This recipe brought a party to our house. Even my picky, gluten eating son, LOVES this recipe.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
In five years, I would love to have a cookbook (or two) out. I want to be helping more people learn how to cook their favorite recipes safely and give them some new ideas. Maybe even someday, I will be able to merge my nursing degree and my passion for food allergies or be involved in a bakery/coffeehouse.

Would you like to add anything else?
I’d like to add one more thing. I am so thankful to have met Claudine at the GFAF Expo in Chicago! If you haven’t met her in person yet, she is a girl that lights up a room and is super friendly!Awe, thank you Melanie! I can say the same of you!

What is something interesting about you that may or may not be related to blogging?
I care deeply about social justice issues. Did you know that slavery is still occurring here in the US, on the tomato fields of Florida? You can help make a difference and stand against slavery by asking your supermarkets and the USDA, to stop purchasing their tomatoes from there. Learn more at IJM’s Recipe for Change.

Melanie, keep up your amazing work as you contribute to this great group of bloggers and followers! We all need each other and you exemplified this with our awesome connection and relatable stage of “blogging life” we are in.

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