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You can be happy, healthy and live gluten-free!

Rebecca Black with Pretty Little Celiac

Hold on to your sock bloggers, Rebecca is the real deal.  She claims she tells to much (TMI) but I find her authenticity very refreshing and appealing. This beautiful woman has alot to offer to the celiac community with gluten free product reviews, gluten free recipes, and gluten free living. She is a must to check out!

Name: Rebecca Black
Web address:
Where are you based out of? Columbus, Ohio


Are you personally gluten free? Celiac? Any other Allergies?

I have celiac disease, lactose intolerance and latex sensitivity.

What drew you to the internet and inspired you to blogging world? (AKA, your story)

About 6 months into my celiac diagnosis, I found myself depressed, sad and angry. I was sick of seeing food bloggers posting gluten-free recipes with too many ingredients thus costing too much money. I just wanted to know I wasn’t alone. My blog started to just get things off my chest and to talk about what was going on in my life but then I realized I wasn’t the only one feeling this way. Others going through the same thing were desperately seeking answers and I wanted to help them find those answers. I’ve always been the TMI (too much info) girl and never was afraid to share my stories or feelings about anything in my life. If I can help those people that are afraid or embarrassed to talk about it, but just want to know they aren’t alone – then mission accomplished!

What is your favorite thing to blog about?

How to help people with the transition from living a “normal” life to a gluten-free one.

What is your “message”?

That you can be happy, healthy and live gluten-free!

Do you have any cookbooks, other blogs, video links, apparel sales, etc?

I have a little shop that has cute celiac awareness gear!

What is your favorite gluten free indulgence? (Greenbean wanted to know)

Gluten-Free doughnuts from Cherbourg Bakery in Columbus!

Would you like to contribute a recipe where you will be sited and linked back? If so, add the link here:

Seriously, best thing I ever made. So easy to do! 

Stuffed Flank Steak

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Being a guest judge on an episode of Top Chef where they have to make an entire meal for people with food allergies! (I LOVE this! I will be sure to tune in!)

What is something interesting about you that may or may not be related to blogging? 

I own my own fitness studio in Westerville, Ohio and make it our mission to give back to the community through fitness and philanthropy!

Rebecca, you have a radiance about you that is unstoppable. Your ideas and approach to health, fitness, and gluten free living would make anyone want to be gluten free because you make it look so good! Readers, don’t let her sweet humility fool you. You would never know it, but she is an award winning/headshot on a cover of a magazine” kinda lady! Be sure to land on her page a few hours like I do…..

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