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My mission is raising happy, healthy gluten-free kiddos! 

Kelly Kurzhal with Raising Jack With Celiac

Kelly is a hoot to know. Her dry sense of humor caught me by surprise when I met her at a recent gluten free expo. She knows what’s she’s doing in caring for my celiac son, Jack. I trust her experiences and great creative idea in feeding her son!

Name: Kelly Kurzhal
Web address:
Twitter: @RaisingJack
Where are you based out of? Nashville, TN

Are you personally gluten free? Celiac? Any other Allergies?
I am not personally gluten-free. We make as many meals as possible gluten-free. Jack is pretty picky so at this time he is not exploring new meal ideas as much as I would like him to. He doesn’t like rice, pasta and potatoes are iffy. So in time, I believe his pickyness will fade and we will all be eating gluten-free as a family.

What drew you to the internet and inspired you to blogging world?
When I found out Jack had celiac disease (almost 4 yrs ago) – I found myself searching the Internet and I couldn’t really relate to anything I was finding about being a parent of child with celiac disease. I wanted to create a place that parents could go and feel like they weren’t alone on this journey with their gluten-free children.

What is your favorite thing to blog about?
Anything that I find helpful to other parents and children on this journey of living with celiac disease. Trying new gluten-free products, sharing recipes, providing tips on how to eat gluten-free at school, social gatherings, etc. Giveaways are fun too!

What is your “message”?
Raising happy, healthy gluten-free kiddos!

Do you have any cookbooks, other blogs, etc that you would like to mention?
Not at this time, but I hope to do an e-book of my first 100 blog posts! I have 69 posts currently.

What is your favorite gluten free indulgence? (Greenbean wanted to know)
The first thing that came to mind was Strawberry Shortcake!

Would you like to contribute a recipe?
I mean, summer is here, right? Well, Memorial Day is like the start of summer so here’s to Strawberry Shortcake – YUMMY!

Memorial Day Strawberry Shortcake

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
I hope to be a SAHM (stay at home mom) until the last one leaves the nest (okay, forever), married for 14 yrs. (OMGoodness, my husband is lucky)…still advocating for celiac awareness…I wonder maybe a CURE in 5 yrs??? Now, if I win the Powerball tonight…I’ll still be a SAHM, still be married, still advocating celiac disease awareness…BUT, I would have multiple gluten-free pretzel drive-thrus across the country…

Would you like to add anything else?
The best thing about blogging is not only helping others by raising celiac disease awareness and sharing Jack’s gluten-free lifestyle, but meeting wonderful new blogger friends!

What is something interesting about you that may or may not be related to blogging?
I talk in different accents to my children A LOT…seriously who doesn’t love a British accent?? I mean, other moms do that, right?

Thank you Kelly for getting to know you a little better. And, yes, I do talk to my kids in any accent I deem necessary at the time. My Cajun accent seems to throw then the most! 

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