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Know your own body.  I am not the food police; I am not here to judge.  We try to create them so they will work for yours.  We used to eat meat so many of our recipes can be easily adapted.  Throw in some chicken, etc! If you see a vegan recipe, know that I have made that same recipe with dairy cheese or dairy sour cream so it will work.  The recipes are easy to adapt and make your own!

Cindy Gordon with Vegetarian Mamma

Cindy is a person that I am convinced I knew in high school. “oh to only be that popluar then!” She is like water. She fills in where needed and nourishes you all at the same time. Her ideas in vegetarian eating is so approachable and makes it so easy. My family leans towards vegetarian, but not 100%. Her site is a lifeline to our menu planning!

Name: Cindy Gordon of “Vegetarian Mamma”
Web address:
Twitter: @vegetarianmamma
Pinterest: Vegetarian Mamma
Etsy: CindyDG or direct link:
Where are you based out of? Columbus Ohio
Cookbook? Cookbook in the works!

Are you personally gluten free? Celiac? Any other Allergies?

I am gluten free. My younger son is allergic to peanuts, tree nuts, dairy and has gluten issues. My oldest son is allergic to peanuts, tree nuts  and sensitivities to dairy and gluten.

What drew you to the internet and inspired you to blogging world?

I started my blog in 2009.  Back then our eating lifestyle was vegetarian.  We focused on nuts, beans, fresh fruit and veggies…basically whole foods.  I started the blog to show people what we ate.  I would get so many questions about being vegetarian.  The most common, “What exactly DO you eat?”.  We had our first child in 2007 and maintained this eating lifestyle. I got pregnant for a second time in 2009 and was sick from the start of the pregnancy.  Luckily in 2010 our second bundle of energetic son was born.  He appeared healthy, but not always so happy.  He would cry alot, let me emphasize alot. He began to vomit and our pediatrician said it was reflux. We upped his meds, changed his meds and nothing seemed to give this baby now toddler relief.  Finally, enough was enough. We felt this little guy deserved a better quality if life.  We researched and found that dairy and gluten often cause reflux.  So we started by eliminating gluten.  Our plan was to remove dairy after gluten had been removed for two months.  About a month and a half into the process our life fell apart.

I took the then 18 month old into the doctor for what I thought was just a routine check of a cough.  We’d been down this road before a few months prior.  Same cough, followed by a vomit, etc  Last time they said that those symptoms plus the sores in his mouth were just reflux laryngitis.  This time around we didn’t see our predication we saw another one in the office who had an available appointment that day.  She took one listen to his lung and said  “You can’t leave with me, his breathing is severely affected and we need to change that.” Insert frantic call to my husband, who was traveling!  AAH!!  3 hours later, multiple breathing treatments later the doctor said that she felt he was better. I told her that he wasn’t. I told her I was not comfortable taking him home.  They checked his oxygen levels but the machine wasn’t working.  It was reading a low number but she indicated it ‘never works right.’  I head to pick up my other son, who was staying with a friend, who has so kindly picked him up from school.  We weren’t even there and I could hear his breathing was funny again.  I called the doctor, she listened over the phone and said to head to urgent care.  When we got there, they checked his oxygen.  It was 92. The put him on oxygen and told me that it was too low for me to drive him down to Children’s hospital that we’d need to ride in an ambulance. At this point it was around dinner time and basically we had spent the entire day between the doctors office and urgent care.  Now we were in an ambulance headed to downtown Children’s Hospital.  Emergency room here we come!

Luckily, my husband sensed my need earlier in the day and hopped a plane home and was waiting in the emergency room when we arrived.  That was a good surprise.  My little man was calm and tired.  I think he felt better with the oxygen.  The ER doctor said his lungs were fine so he took off the oxygen. He said that the nurse would be in the check and if it stayed up we could go home.  He was gone about 2 minutes, the nurse came in and checked.  It had dropped to 84.  We stayed two nights at Children’s Hospital.  I can’t even begin to explain what it feels like to hold your child in your arms for two days with breathing treatments every two hours, not knowing what exactly is wrong.  He was discharged with an asthma DX. I got him allergy tested (which our ‘now former’ pediatrician had poo pooed in the past.) We discovered that he had life threatening allergies to peanuts and tree nuts and he was allergic to dairy.  We found that he is a gene carrier for celiac and presents symptoms of celiac such as a rash upon ingestion, boated belly, brain fog, off kilter for 4-5 days.  We had taken him off gluten before we knew about the official DX tests for celiac.  We were just trying to make his life better, which we did.  Now that we have him straightened out and are learning to live with those allergies and intolerances in our house we are one by one taking a look at the rest of the family.

Its interesting when you really take a look at things what you find.  The more we look, the more we find. We are constantly adjusting our eating lifestyle to make sure that it accommodates everybody’s allergies and intolerance.  WIth this life changing event, it changed the direction of my blog.  All our recipes are now gluten free, peanut and tree nut free and many are dairy free!

What is your favorite thing to blog about?

My favorite thing to blog about is the recipes.  Its fun to create and express yourself through food.  Its fun for me because its an outlet.  I am human though, you win some recipes and some you lose!

What is your “message”?

My message is you know your own body.  I am not the food police; I am not here to judge.  If you eat something and it makes you feel lucky, don’t eat it.  It doesn’t matter if you follow a gluten free, Paleo, raw, meat loving, etc eating lifestyle.  I am cool with whatever you pick!  My recipes work for my family.  We try to create them so they will work for yours.  We used to eat meat so many of our recipes can be easily adapted.  Throw in some chicken, etc! If you see a vegan recipe, know that I have made that same recipe with dairy cheese or dairy sour cream so it will work.  The recipes are easy to adapt and make your own!

What is your favorite gluten free indulgence? (Greenbean wanted to know)

Probably Amy’s GF DF spinach pizza with a rice crust.  I just LOVE that pizza!  OR homemade GF fried pickles! ummmm……

Would you like to contribute a recipe?

I’ll let you pick which one, you know your readers better:


Single Serve lunch idea:


Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Not any older, that is for sure!  I hope to have a great cookbook out there, maybe two! I hope to have doubled my blog readership.  Most of all I hope to help people in their journey of being gluten free or dealing with food allergies!  We are all in this together!

Would you like to add anything else?

You are my GFBFF!! Awe, thanks amazing lady! Ditto!

What is something interesting about you that may or may not be related to blogging?

I used to be a pretty good roller skater when I was in middle school and high school.  I would spent my ENTIRE weekends Friday night – Sunday night at the rink!  Whether practicing dance, figures, free style or hanging out with my friends, it was always a good time!  Still have one of my pairs of skates but didn’t keep any of the pretty little outfits! And I am so not going to embarrass myself with a picture of those sparkly outfits! I would love a picture Cindy!

Thank you, Cindy,  for sharing your story and your expertise through trial and error and much experience, it’s the best kind.  Now go visit her site!

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