Restaurant Review: D’Agostino’s Pizza and Pub: Chicago, Illinois


I was invited to be a “plus one” to a gluten free Italian Feast at D’Agostino’s Pizza sponsored by Schar, the European market leader in gluten-free foods. My date, a fellow celiac blogger Pam Jordan who is the creator and masterpiece maker of I’m a Celiac Blog. Check her out, you will be glad you did!

Schar, the European market leader in gluten-free foods, offers gluten free products for the discerning gluten free shopper at the local grocer. They, also, recently launched the Bontà d’ Italia Partner Program, a foodservice offering that will ultimately extend the company’s gluten-free pizza to restaurants nationwide. D’Agostino’s Pizza  is the first of many restaurants to host their products.

Tonight, I had the privilege to not only meet some really talented gluten free bloggers, but to spend some time with the dietitian, Anne Lee, of Schar and visit with their gluten free chef and consultant, Denise San Flipppo.

It was amazing to connect with another gluten free/celiac dietitian. There is some sort of immediate bond that happens when we fellow celiacs come together. Her role is vital in ensuring the foods that are served are gluten free and the many logistics that come with being a registered dietitian.

Denise has been a busy lady as well. Her role as chef involves restaurant training and certification of each establishment that offers Schar’s food service line . The training involves a 20 hour certification program encompassing a full kitchen and menu audit, and training of hosts and delivery people on gluten free food handling and discussion. The kitchen gets an overhaul as well. All of the gluten free utensils are coded purple (the color for allergen safety of peanut, tree nuts, fish, egg, milk, soy, and gluten). There is a special work station just for gluten free preparation to decrease the risk of cross contamination to the allergy consumer.  Although Anne and Denise are celiacs, it is not a requirement to work with Schar. (wink)

It was so nice to go to D’Agostino’s and eat gluten free knowing all the work that has been done before I ever sat done at the table to eat. Thank you Schar and thank you D’Agostino’s for a lovely gluten free evening of fun, food, and no tummy aches!

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