Restaurant Review: Tokyo Joe’s: Denver, Colorado

Tokyo Joe’s is known for their local cuisine, hence their slogan: Colorado Grown, Colorado Owned.



My family was looking for a super quick+healthy+gluten free friendly place to eat one cool Spring day for lunch in the Denver area. We have had our eye on Tokyo Joe’s for quit some time and today was the day.

We arrived around 11: 30 am and immediately walked right up to the counter. As new customers, we took a minute to familiarize ourselves with the menu and its ample choices. I was giddy with excitement to see that there was more than one section to choose from, as a ‘typical’ gluten-free consumer would have to choose from.  I could choose from ‘on the spot made ‘sushi, several noodle bowls and sauces and too many to count salads with a list of yummy dressings of my picking.

The server was incredibly helpful and knowledgeable of the gluten free options as well as ways to change up menu choices that were not labeled gluten free, to make them gluten free. He was extremely patient as I finally made my choice of one of their signature dishes the Tiger Shrimp Bowl which had grilled tiger shrimp skewer, spinach, red pepper, water chestnuts,  snap peas, red onion and replaced the (not gluten free) Spicy Aki Sauce with the Curry Sauce that was mild, tropical, no sugar, and gluten free.  I, of course, substituted rice noodles for this dish. My celiac daughter ordered the Joe’s Roll off the sushi menu which encompassed grilled shrimp, avocado, cream cheese and cucumber, recommended by our server.


The restaurant is extremely hip with ambient lighting, funky bar seating as well a comfy family style setting. My kiddos chose the cool bar seating, of course. The stainless steal tables were clean and like new. My daughter ran over to the sushi bar to watch her meal being prepared. The server was especially friendly, smiled a lot, and even held a conversation with her as her sushi was prepared.

I was super impressed that our food was quickly served by the same gentleman that placed our order. He explained which dish was gluten free and what was not. I especially liked this attention to detail, concern, and customer service.

We literally inhaled our food in silence, all 4 of us. It was hot, fresh, delicious, and best of all GLUTEN FREE!  They did not hold back on the size or number of shrimp in my dish and the sushi was super fresh and presented beautifully. We left very satisfied and will come back again and again. Especially for their hot tea bar!


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