Restaurant Review: Steuben’s: (Uptown) Denver, Colorado

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Have you ever found a place that you feel like you could eat every meal for the rest of your life and be very happy. Well, I have and it is Steuben’s of Denver, Colorado. I am not the only one that shares this feeling. Upon our 11:30 am arrival on a weekday, the place was packed with locals. I just love the scene of Denver. Everyone to me looks so important. Each person has their own style and absolutely do not apologize for it. I love that in a person.

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We were quickly greeted by a friendly waitress and and served the cutest decanter of water. If my glass was half full, there was someone there filling her up. This feature is actually a favorite of mine at any restraunt.


I was drawn to Steuben’s initially for their gluten free menu, yet was especially impressed with the variety of allergen-friendly menu options.

“Steuben’s prides itself in offering a variety of choices for guests with allergies. Allergy menus available include: garlic, gluten, lactose, onion, shellfish, soy, and celiac for both our lunch/dinner menu and our brunch brunch menu. Please be sure to request a specific allergy menu when you come in and let your server know so we can be sure to accommodate your needs as best as possible. Below is our Gluten Free Lunch/Dinner Menu, please call for specific information on any of our other allergy menus.”

A simple request of their gluten free menu…


…and my taste buds were abound and riding the roller coaster of flavor with choices like shrimp and grits, deviled eggs, trout amadine, herb roasted chicken, breadless sandwiches and soups and salads ‘o plenty. I had a hard time choosing. Seriously, I asked the waitress twice to give me just a few more minutes to decide. She was so gracious, of course.  Of all the yummy salads to choose from (greek, chef, cobb, chicken chop, beet and arugula, and the iceberg wedge with blue cheese and bacon) I chose the highly recommended greek salad to start.

When this rather large mouth watering plate of goodness arrived, my hubs immediately scooched over to join me. I normally am not a sharer of food (wink) but the sharing of food would save room for my featured entree. This greek salad had just the right amount of dressing and reminded us of the salads we had back in Greenville, Mississippi at Doe’s Eat Place (a very small not so gluten free, but favorite, place of the hubs).  We managed to lick the plate clean. Not a problem.

My featured entree arrived just at the right time and boy, was I impressed. Shrimp and Grits baby! I am a true Cajun folks, New Orleans, Lousianna native. I have had several versions of this meal and this was the first time I experienced the flavor and heat of a true cajun Shrimp and Grits. I am used to the shrimp swimming in a pool of melted butter surrounded by creamy grits. Instead, I was greeted with a mound of perfectly cooked shrimp blanketed in a spicy, broth-y, tomatoe-y roux. YUM-O! It was a kick in the pants to eat, but I, again, had no problem pacing myself so I could finish it off.

Pure gluttony, not gluten-y my friends! I left so stuffed, yes this dietitian overate, but was so well worth it. I’d do it again and outside next time!


Thanks to the great ambiance, awesome people watching, tremendous food choices, and out of this world cuisine, I will be back.

To check out Stueben’s history, menus, and order-out options click here.

Stay tuned for more gluten free eats!


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