Inspiration: Journaling a Food Diary

My Wellness Care PlanMonth Two: Doing the Dirty Work 

journalHow’s month 2 going? Bliss or Diss? I held a meeting last week and as we ate our lunch we openly discussed the ups and downs of Month 2 of My Wellness Care Plan which is recording food intake in your personal food diary.  Some of the group was finding great joy in recording their intake into their food diaries, yet others found it not so fun (to say the least) {wink}.

I want to encourage you by empathizing with those that relate to the latter. Journaling a food diary is, let’s say, an enlightening experience. It just ain’t purty (as some of us Texans say). Writing down everything you eat can be tedious and revealing which can make you feel vulnerable, not up to par, and down right discouraging. Why do this anyway if it seems so deconstructive?

Let’s look at writing a food diary as having a personal organizer come into your home and make sense of your chaos of your pantry, office, basement, or kids rooms! We welcome them to come in and take charge to make life a little more manageable, but you must first allow them to see your messes, the very messes you would never even let your best friends see. You gotta get to the dirty work to reveal the golden plan!

One thing I can promise you, your secrets are safe with me, or your consulting dietitian. Your journals will not be posted up on her wall and she won’t use your name in her next book as as an example of the worst eater in the world! She knows your incredible intention to make changes in your life or you would not be here. Most of the time, however, the struggle is not with her,  it is admitting to yourselves that its time to clean up your diets, admit where your triggers are, or finally confess of that coke float habit before bed. I am going to help you reconstruct your eating, one meal at a time.

Rarely will you find that person that eats text book perfect. We assume that if that person is “skinny” in our mind then they must eat super healthy. It’s time to give ourselves a break, have grace on ourselves, and remember why we are here, in month 2, learning what our goal caloric intake is, what an exchange is, and why we a peeing 6 times a day! To be a healthier you!

Goals for the month:

1. Continue to drink water.

2. Start a food diary. Include the date, time, portion, and food. The more detail the better!

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