Inspiration: Slow and Steady Wins the Race

My Wellness Care PlanMonth One: Trusting the Plan

crosswalkHave you ever crossed a street without looking both ways? I was in downtown Denver with my family headed to the Museum and something caught my eye. I was in the passenger seat and saw a woman and her, what seemed like, two year old walking on the sidewalk headed to a busy intersection.

The mother felt that it was time to cross the street, grabbed her toddlers hand, and proceeded to cross. I was immediately startled at this action because it was not time to cross the street. The walking man had not turned white and the opposite traffic still had a green light. Yet, the boy never looked up. He simply grabbed his mother’s hand, trusted her, and went forward with her lead. Meanwhile, I am looking frantically to assure their safety. Obviously, the mom knew what she was doing. She had looked both ways and would never place her child in danger. But from my perspective I was thinking “Wait! What are you doing! That’s not how you are supposed to do it!”

Since you have started this Wellness Program, how many on-lookers have said “What? Just water? Where is your calories count? What in the gimmick that will make you loose the weight?” Maybe you have even asked yourself these questions.

I have a feeling however, that week three of drinking your water {especially if you have not been doing this as a habit} you can see the importance of starting slow. How many of us have hit the 100% mark for getting all our water in each day? I know I have not, and that is the honest truth, but I am aware.  I know what I need and I actually miss my water when I don’t get it in! That is the lesson! I am glad to start this new habit slowly. It is preparing me for next month!

Next month is when we dive deep, set calorie goals, LEARN the importance of each food group, and how much of each group we need to be absolutely the healthiest we can be! The key to that boy crossing that road with his mother was TRUST! Thank you for handing over your trust to me as we journey through this evolution of a mind and body experience! Keep drinking your water and looking ahead to our next goals!

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