Inspiration: Having Trouble Focusing?

My Wellness Care Plan: Month One: Re-Focus


The beginning of this year, in the world of social media, the buzz is to come up with a ‘word’ for the year. In our initial meeting for the Wellness Care Plan there was actually a word that seemed to float to the top, “re-focus”.

Isn’t that word genius? This word ignited me. There is no shame in ‘refocus’, no guilt, no weight attached to it at all. It is a word that actually gives you permission for a do-over. A way to re-start without any obligations or a feeling of defeat before you even begin.

Taking this approach to the Wellness Care Plan is key. We already know that we “should” eat more fruit and less chips, but doing it is hard. When my son tried to ride his bike for the first time, he knew at the age of 5 that he should be able to do this thing, ride a bike, but realized quickly he needed help. He fell more times than this mother can bear in the beginning, but, we as his parents, gave him do-over after do-over after do-over until he no longer needed our help. And guess what? He finally was able to ride his bike with assurance and confidence he would make it down the sidewalk without the 100th fall. Although there is no guarantee that he will never fall off his bike again, we taught him the tools to ride his bike safely and effectively, with the option to always come back for a brush up course in bike riding 101.

We all need help to “re-focus”. We need to reach out and get the right tools and knowledge to live a healthy lifestyle.  He knew the basics of riding a bike, but needed to know how to pull it all together. That is what the Wellness Care Plan is all about. Brushing up on the basics, re-focusing, learning new approaches to proper health and wellness, and to have someone bring it all together for just you.

Is there a word that seems to linger in your mind. A word that is really quiet that may need to be turned up in your life? A word that you could keep on your screen saver on your phone or computer, taped up on the wall, or crafted and made a centerpiece in your home? If a word is not coming to mind, you are welcome to own the word “refocus” for yourself , its my gift to you. Enjoy! It will make a difference in your life.

I would love to know what your word is.  Leave a comment below and I just might borrow your word!

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