Inspiration: Rethinking Your Health Plan?

My Wellness Care PlanMonth One: Time to Rethink Your Wellness Plan


Have you ever remodeled a room in your house, or your house for that matter? Once you captured the vision of the changes you wanted to make, did you close your eyes and upon immediately opening them, did you actually see that vision right there in front of you? If your answer is “yes”, then I’ll have what you’re having.

My husband and I remodeled homes before we had our children and the last remodel we encountered was of our entire home about 9 years ago. We walked through the house and said, “This house has good bones!” Made an offer and next thing we knew we were peeling wall paper, knocking down walls, and plumbing was being pulled and relocated. It was a complete remodel.  In order for the house to last, this was the only way to do it, and do it right.

I can’t help but relate our remodel experience to how I look at learning how to implement a healthy lifestyle of ‘diet’ and exercise. We see that we have good “bones” right, but over time, we believe diet plans and exercise routines that are out there that promise weight loss through pills, eating one food group, or eliminating exercise all together. These beliefs create the deep rooted lies (the plumbing) that weigh  us down on what is the best eating and exercise plan. These beliefs create giant walls that need to be knocked down that prevent us from seeing the truth in healthy eating and exercise. We need to peel back all the layers of confusion that those ‘fad diets’ have created and get down to basics of the right and best way to fuel and exercise our bodies.

We must put all our preconceived ideas of what is considered “healthy eating” and start from scratch. Start with the bare-bones approach of nutrition 101. We must learn what a carbohydrate, protein and fat is and what they do for our bodies and minds. Once we understand this basic foundation of nutrition, we can build from there and pic the very best “materials”, or foods, that will rebuild your body and make a stronger, newer, healthier you.

This process may take a little longer in the begining than a typical ‘fad’ diet, so patience is key. You will see, however, the results will last a lifetime, not a season. Let’s take our time together tear down the old beliefs, and re-build your new you with knowledge. Afterall, we all learned as young pups from “School House Rock “Knowledge is Power!”

Join me on this 12 month journey of rediscovering you. Let’s learn the basics in nutrition and exercise that will change your life forever.

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Cheers to your new approach to diet and exercise and to the NEW YOU!

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