Recipe: Breaking (gluten free) Bread Pamela’s and Zojirushi

Have you been meaning to do something for a long time, I mean a really long time? And when you finally get to it you have this huge sense of relief you can not explain?  I recently moved to colorado and finally opened the box that contained my BRAND NEW BREADMAKER! I’ll say it again, my BRAND NEW BREADMAKER! I am so excited I can not stand it. Serving Greenbean gluten free bread fresh from the oven has seriously been a dream of mine {we all have our dreams – big or small – don’t judge the little people} and  my new Zojirushi breadmaker was the answer and was waiting for me.

I was basically forced into my dream of serving hot fresh bread.  We were out of bread that morning and I did not want to make the 2 hour round trip run. Ahhh, mountain living. It was time to make our own {yipee!}. I ordered this breadmaker a week before we got a contract on the house to move to colorado, so when it arrived in the mail, it went right into another box to ship to our new state. Five months later, i broke open the boxes and found her shiney and new and waiting for me! It was time.

The instuctions were easy to follow. Super user friendly! Simply add the liquids, then dry ingredients, input your settings, close the lid, and away it went. I scraped down the sides the first batch as it was mixing and kneading, but did not the last two batches and they turned out the same. Each loaf has came out even better than the one before.

I used pamela’s baking and bread mix flour mixture to make my gluten free bread and tweaked their recipe a little by substituting egg replacer and grapeseed oil. It makes the best loaf so far. We have gone through three loaves in a week…its that good. I even got a “Booya” out of my son!

So, give your breadmaker a try or order one as quick as you can! We save about 4.50 per loaf when we make it ourselves. This little mama found a new way to save a few more dollars, and it tastes soooooo incredible. Breaking {gluten free} bread with the family just got that much better!

Do you have a breadmaker? If so, what is the name of it and do you like it? Mine is Zojirushi and I LOVE it!




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