Recipe: Shrimp Cocktail

Greenbean loves her shrimp. Its the true cajun in her {mama was born in New Orleans}. It is a great gluten free, high protein snack that I surprise her with every once in a while.

Greenbean was a very picky eater from birth basically. I would be picky too if I felt sick almost every time I ate. Since she became gluten-free, however, her pallet has improved and shrimp gets put into the rotation {since it’s high in cholesterol, and other personal reasons, its not served that frequently}. This shrimp cocktail is not only beautiful to look at, but ‘oh so fun’ to make together.

She’s all smiles when it comes to one of her favorite snacks. I just love that smile.

What is a favorite snack for you that is gluten-free? We are always looking for new and easy snack ideas!


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