fruit salad

ah yes. the freshness of a summer fruit salad for dessert, after a long day of being a wife, mom, blogger, neighbor, housekeeper, referee, crafter…..i really do have an amazing life, but i have to say, this little lady is tired!

 a way for me to relax is to take pictures. you would think it would to sit in a tub full of bubbles drinking a little bubbly. oddly enough, it is photography.

seriously, how many pictures can i take of a simple fruit salad?

especially featuring that darn blue Ball Mason jar?

i’m reallly, really, really missing the beach right now. the smell of the ocean breeze, the coolness on my checks from the ocean spray, and the sand under my toes as i chill and take pictures of my family soaking up the beach.

so thank you for going with me to my ‘beach’, even if it was on the deck of my amazing mountain home, with my feet dangling in our plastic pool, enjoying a cool fruit salad that photographs so nicely.

what is your escape? the beach, the mountains, the tub? i’d love to know!


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