almond crescents with pure pantry

“let’s  have a cookie sale!” i hear greenbean exclaim as she walks in the kitchen. cookie sale? what about a lemonade stand? that would take less prep time from me, right? as i allow my thoughts to roll through my mind greenbean has already called her neighbors and gotten them on board with her plan and they have the date set for tomorow. tomorrow. the last time i baked cookies in this altitude {7500ft} was a complete fail. flat as a pancake and, well, not edible.

i quickly rummaged through my pantry hoping to find some sort of refuge for this cookie sale. to my relief, i found a bag of gluten-free sugar cookie mix by pure pantry i picked up back in texas about a month ago. greenbean wanted easter sugar cookies, but we never got to it since our moving truck came to deliver our life to our new home on easter sunday.

as i was reading the back of the package to see if there were high altitude directions i saw their almond crescent recipe suggestion and recipe on the back. i thought, what the heck, i’m up for the challenge and i looooove almond crescents. so away i went….

uuuuhhh, yum.

and here we are. covered in powdered sugar. devine. i am so pleased.

check out the crumble on this little guy. my mouth is watering!

…and so pretty.

…and yes please, i will sit and enjoy my hard work. thanks to pure pantry, i looked amazing to the neighbors and my sweet greenbean was so impressed she ate them up!

have you tried pure pantry? do you have any favorite gluten free cookie mixes that make you look like a star? i’d love to know!

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