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Recipe: Chocolate Chip and Walnut Muffin Bites

it was time to make our gluten-free whole grain muffins but wanted to make them with a twist this time. so i asked the expert, chef greenbean. “add chocolate chips mom and some walnuts!’ she says. awesome, let’s do it. and away we went. we made them mini this time. in they go. and out […]

gluten-free all purpose flour


fruit salad

ah yes. the freshness of a summer fruit salad for dessert, after a long day of being a wife, mom, blogger, neighbor, housekeeper, referee, crafter…..i really do have an amazing life, but i have to say, this little lady is tired!  a way for me to relax is to take pictures. you would think it […]

what is gluten?

Gluten is a protein found in wheat, barley, and rye. It gives dough its elasticity, helps it rise, keep its shape, and makes the product chewy. Its Latin meaning is actually “glue”.      

almond crescents with pure pantry

“let’s  have a cookie sale!” i hear greenbean exclaim as she walks in the kitchen. cookie sale? what about a lemonade stand? that would take less prep time from me, right? as i allow my thoughts to roll through my mind greenbean has already called her neighbors and gotten them on board with her plan […]

au gratin scalloped potatoes

although i live in colorado, i do love the south. it’s my home. when i moved up here, i immediately craved the creature comforts of the south, namely southern cooking. although there are some pretty interesting restraunts in my mountain community that offer their version of comfort food {the ‘Oh My Gawd’ dish is another […]

nutter butter smoothies

afternoon snacks are a must in the phillips household. one of our favorites is the nutter butter shake! the kids and i love this shake and make it about once a week {we have other favs, coming posts}. i have used actual almonds in the past, but the kids could not get past the bits […]

namaste brownie bites

this mom loves to try new products that make my life easier. the little time i have i must be ‘efficient and effective’ {a friend termed this and i have adopted it}. i have came across Namaste Foods, Inc at Natural Grocers the other day and picked up their gluten-free brownie mix. i made them as […]

quinoa cucumber salad

Last night my family was invited over for Elk Sliders. Yep, Elk Sliders. I did not even know that one could eat Elk. I was asked to bring a salad. Hmm, what does one bring to a pot luck that goes with Elk? A challenge I was excited to take. I first found out some […]