I gave betty a try

I am a fan of cooking from scratch, and the perfectionist in me cringes to think my first post is about a pre-packaged product. However, three factors influenced the decision: I had always been curious about Betty Crocker’s GF products, I was in a crunch, and my kids were in the mood to bake with me. So, I tried out Betty.

Cupcakes was the choice. Great for little fingers at parties. I have to say, I was pleased. It was quick to make and cook, remained fluffy for at least two days, and tasty. I kept a few “cakes” without icing for GreenBean. I have not been able to make an icing that her tummy likes. I am looking for a good GF, Dairy free, nut free, egg free icing that will stay on a cupcake and not slide off {wink} or harden upon application….Please share if you have any icing recipes that fits the bill.

Unfortunately, Greenbean did have a tummy ache after she ate her “cake”.  Could have been a number of things: cross contamination, the xantham gum ingedient (I have a hunch she may have a sensitivity), or anothe ingredient in the “ingedient list” we have not tested for.

Overall, if you are gluten intolerant or sensitive, you may have luck. For now, my little celiac will refrain until further “testing” on her allergy trail.

Have you tried this product? If so, share with me what you thought when you tried it. If not, will you share other products that have been a hit!

***This email is not a promotion or recommendation of the above product. These are only opinions through experience of the dietitian and her daughter. You must make your own decision via your discernment and recommendations by your primary care givers.



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